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Seeds of Knowledge: What Lawn Insecticides To Use

Hey folks, this is Mark Rockwell. Today I want to talk about lawn insecticides. We have two of them here.

One is by Fertilome Hi-Yield, which is Kill-a-Bug II, and the other one is called Turf Ranger II. Let me tell you why we have two insecticides for people's lawns. This one right here has both bifenthrin and cypermethrin. It's an extremely potent, very good insecticide for big, massive lawns. It will get rid of your chinch bugs, your ticks, your fleas, black widow, any spider. Pretty much anything that is crawling is not going to crawl anymore with the Turf Ranger II.

Now, the reason why we have this right here, the Kill-a-Bug II, is because it is permethrin based. Permethrin is an extremely safe insecticide. My theory has always been, once a bug is dead, it's dead. The Kill-a-Bug II gets rid of all your fleas and ticks, chiggers. It pretty much eradicates all your main stuff. It's very safe with dogs, children's, chickens, all kinds of animals. That's why we carry two of them. To us, it's been very good throughout the year. We try to satisfy everybody with their particular needs.

Have a great day!

Watch the video here:

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