Here are the answers to questions The Dirt Farmer, Mark Rockwell, hears everyday when folks show up at his nursery. In the last 30 years, he has found the solutions that work. Here are a few ways to learn as he explains how and why he has choose to carry the products he promotes at his own nursery.



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Holiday Tips


Ever wonder what the best tree stand is for your Christmas tree? Learn from your local expert, Mark Rockwell of Rockwell Farms Nursery. Stop by today to get your tree and tree stand!


Listen every Friday 9–10AM to the 'Rockwell Farms Garden Show' sponsored by the Ferti•lome Lawn and Garden supplies on KURM RADIO, AM 790 or FM 100.3. This is a live call in program that is hosted by Mark Rockwell. His Horticulturist degree from the University of Arkansas gives him a depth of knowledge that will help you with all your growing needs.

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Dilution Rates for your "Cides"


This guide is a quick reference to get more from you "cides". Please read and follow label directions. These dilution rates are the most common rates, for most common pests. For unusual pest and problems, always consult the product label.

Fruit Tree Care Infosheet


Here is a quick reference guide pdf for you to find out when and what needs to be put on your Fruit Tree throughout the season.

Fruit Tree Chemicals Chart


Here is a quick reference guide pdf for you on all the different kinds of fruit trees and what they each need throughout the season.

Pest in your Patch?


It is that time of year to come by and try our Eight insect control for garden and home use. Controls over 100 different insect pests on vegetables, fruits, roses, flowers, lawns, shrubs, over 60 varieties of ornamentals, and house plants. No odor, nonstaining water-based formula for indoor or outdoor. Convenient to use as a spot treatment. 

Plant a Vegetable Patch


Pick the Right Location. Plant in a sunny location. Most vegetables need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. Plant in good soil. Plants' roots penetrate soft soil more easily, so you need nice loamy soil. Plant in a stable environment.

Cicada Control

Cicadas can be a damaging pest that put stress on your trees and plants. Here is an informative PDF to help you gain control over these pests. 


Looking to eradicate weeds? Here is a product information sheet on Decimate, A non-selective herbicide that kills weeds, grass and some woody plants.