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Buy 3 trees and we plant for FREE!

Here at Rockwell, we have whatever trees you need for your next landscaping project. With our experience an knowledge we can make sure you get the kind of tree you need as well as help you get it in the ground and growing.


Here are a few options to consider:


Shade trees can beautify your yard, reduce energy costs, and improve air and water quality. Many of these large trees offer seasonal benefits, such as flowers or a change of leaf color. Choose a shade tree best suited to your climate and site, plant it properly, and watch it grow into a valued member of your landscape.


Ornamental trees are usually described as trees that are less than 25 feet tall. They usually have a defining feature such as flowers, unique foliage, notable bark, or a form of branching that is eye catching. Many ornamental trees are flowering and the time of flowering, mainly early spring, will draw attention to the landscape.

Japanese Maples

Graceful and elegant, Japanese maples (Acer palmatum) are an excellent addition to most gardens. Essentially carefree once established, they offer year-round interest with their ever-changing beauty. They’re one of the most compelling plants you can add to your landscape


Growing fruits and nuts in the home garden can be very rewarding since one gets to eat “the fruits of their labor.”  However, fruits and nuts require a very high level of management, particularly in pest management. We can help you get started and make sure you know what is required to keep them producing every year.


Evergreen trees are more than just something you plant to to provide shade, evergreen trees provide cooling for your home lowering your utilities, they produce more than their fair share of oxygen helping to lower our carbon footprint and above all they speak to your sense of style. There are many evergreen trees to choose from so come take a look.

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