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Proven Winners make a lasting impression

Here at Rockwell, we have whatever shrubs you need for your next landscaping project. With our experience an knowledge we can make sure you get the kind of shrub you need as well as help you get it in the ground and growing.


Types of shrubs

Homeowners new to the task of plant selection may be overwhelmed by all of the types of shrubs there are to choose from. Let us help you through your next project. The types of shrubs to consider for landscaping fall roughly into the following botanical categories:

  1. Deciduous bushes

  2. Broadleaf evergreens

  3. Needled evergreens

The art of landscaping

Not all shrubs work in all places. There is an art to what kind needs to go where. Bring a picture of where you are wanting to landscape and lets work together to make a plan. Color and size vary for all shrubs, so having a plan is important. 

How to Plant

Make sure to dig the hole big enough.  Dig a planting hole two to three feet wider than the roots to allow plenty of room for the roots. Once you place plants root ball in the hole, cover the roots completely with dirt. Press firmly to make sure there is full contact with roots and dirt. Cover dirt with mulch to help keep root moist. Finally, make sure to water the shrub immediately after planting. 

Pruning Tips

1) Make sure your tools are sharp.


2) Once you have shaped the plant, seal the plant with Pruning sealer to keep the bugs and disease out. 

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